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Monique MARIE

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    Art(s) : Painting
    Mouvement(s) : Figurative

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    Drawn to painting from a very early age, Monique Marie has long been painting watercolours, and she studied the medium at the Montebello museum in Trouville before taking up oil and acrylic techniques. Meeting landscape painter Dominique Bakk in 2003 proved decisive for her artistic career and pictorial style. Monique Marie devoted herself to landscape painting, an artform in which she excels today, and has participated in numerous regional exhibitions and been rewarded with awards for her artworks. The observer cannot fail to be enchanted when Monique Marie exhibits her paintings. Attentive to nature, she has been able to develop her talents as a landscape artist to convey the beauty and magic of her native Normandy in colourful scenes bathed in light. Treated in small formats, her seascapes, copses, paths and rivers are extolled in all seasons, and inspire reverie. The underlying drawing is precise, and the brushstroke flowing and observant thanks to the artist’s long-held appreciation for the transparency of watercolours. Her generous and daring palette, in which blue often dominates, escapes the chromatic constraints of an overly strict reality. Monique Marie’s figurative art transfigures a serene world to offer us a poetic and bright vision, the delightful appeal of which reflects the artist’s creative and deeply harmonious temperament.

    Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Historian of Art


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