The Norman Jean-Louis VERRIER, native of Falaise, grew up in Versailles and after a lot of wanderings, rediscovered Normandy in 1982, by settling in Langrune-sur-Mer.
Here is an active exhibitor and holder of numerous prizes, a painter who knows how to move easily from illustrating children’s tales to frescoes for school or public places.
Jean-Louis VERRIER constructs his works with energy thanks to his assured ample touch, which qualifies his resolute and expressive style.

Hi gesture can be compared to rhythm and colours in order to better maintain the tone. Even when it concerns spaces and skies, he magnifies the clouds and efficiently composes the atmosphere with decision which in no way hinders the iridescent quality of the unexpected colours.

Every motif can be mysterious, spellbinding and surprising, fascinating in spite of the obvious reference to nature, the elements and even to beings, on whom the artist knows how to bestow a certain attraction in spite of a look with disturbing pretence.
Good painting by Jean-Louis VERRIER, therefore, although disconnected from overdone, over faithful realism, allows us to witness the panache of an original, active technique, having virile boldness which is nevertheless not without poetry.

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